Faculty Advisor, Psi Chi and NeuRIG

Clinical Psychology Faculty Member, Lakehead University

Dr Josephine Tan


Grade 12 IB student, Superior Collegiate &Vocational Institute, Thunder Bay

President AMHI

Mr Ishaan Sachdeva


PhD Student, Clinical Psychology, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay

President Psi Chi

Ms Stephanie Campbell



Dr Tan's many research interests include student mental health and well-being and student leadership, and are guided by her belief that holistically healthy young people ensures a healthy future for the world. Her work with the community of international psychologists focuses on the inclusion of diverse views and models and the encouragement of young and emerging researchers and scholars.

Mr Ishaan's passion for promoting the physical activity-mental health connect inspired him to establish AMHI, the Active Mental Health Initiative. through this organization, his goal is to raise awareness of mental health stigma and  the role of physical activity in positively impacting mental health.

Ms Stephanie received her Bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Western Ontario and graduated with distinction. Stephanie is currently the President of Psi Chi Chapter at Lakehead University. Psi Chi is an international honour society that seeks to promote excellence in scholarship, leadership and science and application of psychology. She is proud to support and advocate for mission of AMHI.

Mr Dylan Chopps is in third year of the Honours Bachelors Biology program with concentration in Neuroscience and minor in Psychology. He is the Vice President, Events for the Neuroscience Research Interest Group (NeuRIG), and the Social Events Coordinator for both the Psychological Association of Lakehead Students (PALS) and Psi Chi. He conducts research on multi sensory integration in the Neuroscience and Perception lab.

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