Exercise for mental and Physical Health

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The dawn of summer reached over the horizon on the 21st of June, spewing radiant light across the sky. The summer solstice had ushered in the prevalence of summer as a Canadian season, loved by many. Many but not me. For me, knowing that what was ahead was two months of relative isolation, solitude, and loneliness complex. In this household, there was no such thing as vacation, or spending money to have fun. The contents of the house were as bland as life within it – an infinite monotony. The time of year that was meant to be enjoyed had become my Bane. Life felt like a crisis, nothing to do, no progress, and no fun. All of that changed though, and this is how.

I discovered the magic of physical activity. It allowed me to do something, to have fun while monitoring my own progress towards self-improvement. Going to the gym was appealing for multiple reasons; it supports good health, it increases strength, and it gives a euphoric endorphin rush that would last for hours after leaving the place. Being an academically inclined person, I never realized how amazing exercise was. It is a drug. It is addictive. It is good for you! Watching those lift statistics go up as time passes is motivation to grind harder and achieve what was not possible before. Oh, and it boosts confidence too, while in front of people or just out on the dangerous streets of Toronto. The loneliness was abolished as friends joined me, I felt like I was improving myself, and that my time was being put to use. The summer turned out to not be so depressing after all.

So seriously, if you ever run out of things to do and life is looking bleak, go ahead and get some exercise. Run, jump, do parkour, lift weights, compete with friends (in a friendly way – no one wants to feel stepped on) and just feel the “high”.

By: Eric Liu


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