Here I start my first race,

The water is warm and familiar as my arms and feet sail and speed ahead;

An exhilarating rush of euphoria.


Here I stand, just as before,

As I hear the familiar sound, feel the familiar water, the familiar euphoria,

And swim, only swim.


Here I stand on the podium, Here I learn to swim again,

The cold water envelops and enfolds,

My strokes slice and segment,

My kicks propel and press.


Here I strive for the wall,

The barrier of my pain,

As my slender body struggles through the unrelenting cold water.


Here I spend countless hours struggling and straining,

My lungs burn, my vision is hazy, my legs and arms sore,

But … I love it.   

The medal around my neck, my team cheering;

I remember my past, the struggles, the disappointments,

But now only happiness effuses from my smiling face.


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